Our Sustainability Practices

At Prana Skin Co, we are continually learning and evolving ~ our sustainability practices are as follows:
PACKAGING ~ our products are packaged in recyclable glass bottles and jars and are sourced locally (within Australia). We are working towards plastic-free bottle caps and lids ~ this is an ongoing process. Our product labels are also 100% recyclable and are printed using plant-based inks. 
We also use only recyclable materials to package our orders.
PRODUCTION ~ our focus is on small batch skincare whereby everything is handcrafted to ensure minimal waste during the production process. We also only use equipment during the production process that is re-usable, and we try to minimise our water use as much as possible. 
INGREDIENTS ~ we always chose organic ingredients where possible. This is so that we can understand the growing conditions and harvesting processes as much as possible.
GIVING BACK ~ we plant a tree for every order with Reforest Now! You can read more about our Plant A Tree initiative here